Scholarship & Bursaries


Bursaries are based on a dual consideration of academic ability and financial need. A child must comfortably satisfy the School’s academic requirements in order to be considered. Parents who would like to apply for a bursary should complete a Financial Assistance Form.

Financial Assistance forms and further advice regarding when and how bursaries may be applied for can be obtained from the Business Manager, Mrs C Clough:


Scholarships are available at the age of 8. These are awarded at the discretion of the Head and staff. Scholarships may only be applied for if a child completes Year 3 at the School. Each scholarship represents a specific percentage reduction in school fees and these are awarded to the parents of high performing children. If a child is awarded a scholarship, the reduction in fees will start at the beginning of Year 4 and continue until the end of Year 6 (3 years). Scholarships cannot be transferred between Foundation schools.

Children are assessed for scholarships in the summer term of Year 3 (the final term) and they are based on specific assessments in a variety of subjects. Parents are advised of the date of scholarship assessments and invited to apply.

Academic awards are available for outstanding attainment, as are awards for the Arts and there are All-rounder awards for children who are very able in several areas of the curriculum: the academic, arts and sport.

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