Policies and Procedures

Key policies are listed below. If you require further information which is not listed here, please contact Reception: 024 7627 1111. Hard copies are available upon request: info@khviii.net

Insurance Matters

Pupils’ Accident Insurance

The school fees include provision of accident insurance cover which becomes effective in cases of pupils sustaining permanent injury or disablement in the course of school activities. Furthermore the cover extends to the results of accidents occurring during recreational and leisure activities involving pupils at any time, whether the activities be school based or private. 

Allianz Insurance

In addition, your child will receive dental cover in the event of a personal accident. At no charge to the parent. 

Denplan Insurance

Similar considerations apply to school journeys within the United Kingdom.  The School is then insured for personal and public liability but not for personal effects and property.  In such cases special short-term policies covering a wide range of risks are available and the member of staff in charge will supply details of the cover on request. The School Business Manager, Mrs Julie Low, is happy to advise parents on matters relating to insurance.

Personal Possessions
Parents are asked to note that while all reasonable care is taken to ensure the safety of pupils’ possessions within school, the Governors do not accept responsibility in cases of loss or theft occurring on school premises and the School’s insurance policies do not cover the personal property and effects of pupils or, for that matter, of members of staff.

Fortunately many household content policies already cover the policy-holder and members of the household against loss of clothing or other property at the place of work, which can be taken to include a school.  Not all policies automatically offer such cover but where necessary a policy can be extended at a small extra charge.

You would be well advised to check with your insurers to ensure that items of uniform or sports equipment, say, are covered by your policy while at school, when visiting other schools and while in transit between home and school.  If your child is likely to come to school on a bicycle it is particularly important that the machine should be adequately covered by insurance.

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