Pastoral Care

With over 700 boys and girls thriving in our community each day, pastoral care is at the heart of the school.

Visitors always describe the warmth of the welcome that they receive and the happy atmosphere which exists around school day in, day out. This does not happen by magic. Our staff are caring, hard-working and supportive of the pupils in their care. Pupils also demonstrate a very strong sense of mutual support, which was commented on by the visiting inspectors in our last report. Several groups, such as the Peer Support team and Sixth Form Mentoring team offer additional help when it is needed. Informally, a vast amount of care and support are offered through the House system, within year groups and through shared interests such as music or sport.

Pupils are encouraged to share any concerns they may have and the strong mutually respectful relationship between pupils and staff ensures that those concerns are always listened to and acted upon.

At King Henry VIII School, we are very proud of our pastoral care and behaviour record. We encourage students to adopt the highest standards of behaviour and moral principles and to respect the values and ethos of the school. We believe that positive relationships, excellent manners and a safe and secure learning environment all play a crucial part in developing students who want to learn to succeed and develop intellectual characters such as independence, curiosity, resilience, focus and aspiration.

Behaviour Policy & Code of Conduct Jan 2019 | PDF

Pastoral care takes place in a year group system, with each pupil being supported by a Form Tutor, a Head of Year and a Deputy Head as well. There are around 20 pupils in a typical Year 7-11 Form, whilst numbers are more typically 12 students in a Sixth Form group.

In addition pastoral care is offered by the Chaplain, School Nurse and School Counsellor.

The Designated Senior Lead for Safeguarding is Dr Cuthbert, Deputy Head. If Dr Cuthbert is not available, another member of the Senior Management Team, or indeed any member of staff, should be contacted instead.

Peer Support:

Peer Support is a group of Sixth Form students who are trained to help, listen and advise other students from school with any problems they may have.

We will also be actively involved in your PSHE lessons throughout the year where we will cover important issues such as bullying, study skills, health and relationships, peer pressure and personal safety.

Who is it for?

The Peer Support service is available to anyone who feels they may benefit from talking to someone, no matter what the circumstances

The Peer Support team will try to offer encouragement and give non-judgmental advice.

Who are they?

There are 2-4 Peer Support mentors assigned to each form group in Years 7-9 and there is another team to support Year 10 and 11.

How can you contact us?

Pupils should either speak directly to Mrs Pike (link teacher) or to a member of the Peer Support team or email us at the following address:


We offer a listening service and we will attempt to advise pupils on possible courses of action. We will discuss situations sensitively and, far more often than not, the conversation will not go beyond the peer mentor. Under certain circumstances, the peer mentor will need to seek advice and guidance and so it may not be possible to guarantee confidentiality. In such an eventuality, the pupil concerned will be informed of the course of action in advance.


Deputy Head (Pastoral): 

Dr M Cuthbert
Head of Year 7:  Mrs L Roote
Head of Year 8:  Mrs V Kaczur
Head of Year 9:  Mr F O’Reilly
Head of Year 10: 

Mr C McKee

Head of Year 11: Mr D Lovell
Head of Sixth Form:  Mrs C Dowding
Assistant Head of Sixth Form:  Mrs A Heathcote
School Nurse:  Mrs S Cadwallader
Chaplain:  Rev A Hogger-Gadbsy
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