Our School

Our School is one of the most distinguished co-educational day schools in the Midlands.

Our intention is to provide our pupils with a superb education. We are proud of our rich heritage and tradition of academic excellence, which stretch back to 1545, but we are also forward-thinking and quick to adapt in a fast-changing world. We aim to discover each pupil’s potential and to ensure that we help our boys and girls to develop fully in an exciting, challenging and supportive environment.

We are:

  • A 3-18 school with close links between Prep and Senior schools

  • Co-educational for over 40 years, because we believe that school is a preparation for life where boys and girls work together

  • A happy school where strong mutually respectful relationships exist between teachers and pupils and where pupils try their best and share in one another’s success

  • Academically one of the strongest schools in the region but with a focus on each child’s needs

  • A busy school with over 70 clubs and activities available each week to ensure that our pupils are well-rounded, healthy and resilient

  • A diverse community which reflects the world outside the school gates

  • Easy to reach next to Coventry train station, with coach services from across the region to the school gates and with dozens of local buses to our door, it couldn’t be easier to swiftly become an independent young person

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