Morning Break

At morning break all children go outside. They are allowed to bring a healthy snack of fruit or vegetables to eat and water to drink.  The School operates a healthy eating policy and no sweets, chocolate, crisps or sugary drinks may be consumed.


The cost of lunches at Swallows is included within the school fees.  At Hales, the School operates a ‘ParentPay’ system whereby the children are able to purchase meals (further details may be obtained from the School). From Year 4 onwards, children may bring a packed lunch to school in place of one provided by the School.

Swallows: Year 1 - Year 2 (School Lunches)

Children will have a choice of main courses and a sweet dessert or fresh fruit .  Every day there is a hot meal with meat, a hot vegetarian meal, a jacket potato with a nutritious filling and side salad or a salad type meal.  The weekly menus are published in advance in Sagitta (the school newsletter) and parents with children at Swallows (in Nursery and Reception) are asked to help children to select what they would like and return the attached form.  Children in Years 1 and 2 make their own choices.     

Hales: Year 3 - 6 (School Lunches)

Children at Hales are expected to make their own choices with regard to what they purchase using funds from an account setup by their parents (accessed via biometric fingerprint technology).  Using ParentPay, parents can log on to see the choices that have been made. Staff on duty will advise. Menus with prices are posted in the Hales Entrance area and in the Sagitta newsletter.

Packed Lunches

Parents of children in Years 4 - 6 may opt to provide their children with packed lunches.  Parents may give their children what they wish but the School advises that a balanced lunch is provided.  In keeping with the School’s healthy eating policy, no crisps, sweets, chocolate or sugary flavoured drinks may be provided with the packed lunch.  Children eating packed lunches will sit with those who take school lunch and will be allowed to purchase additional items from the canteen unless we have been notified otherwise by parents.


Parents are asked not to supply their children with nuts or products which contain nuts to be eaten within school as a number of children at the School are very allergic to these and any contact can lead to a serious anaphylactic reaction.


Special Dietary Info for Schools

Special Dietary Info

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