Life in the Sixth Form

For most of our students their school day starts in the Sixth Form Centre. Our purpose-built facility lies directly across Warwick Road from the main school and symbolises the growing independence of our Sixth Formers.

Within the Centre are a spacious study room, café, social area, specialist classrooms and the offices of the Head and Assistant Head of Sixth Form. The whole environment is characterised by an energetic sense of activity.

The numbers of our own Year 11 pupils are typically swollen by a further 10% joining our Sixth Form from other schools. The Sixth Form community is a diverse and inclusive one, held together by a strong sense of identity and pride in the school.

Opportunities for leadership and interaction with pupils lower down the school abound. Our large prefect team is headed by eight Senior Prefect and represented by our Head and Deputy Head Boys and Girls.

The Social Committee form an active group which organise many social events outside of school time, culminating in the Leavers’ Ball at the end of the summer term. Other opportunities for leadership and service are provided by the peer support system and the school council – both of which garner great support from our Sixth Form students.

The Head of Sixth Form leads a team of experienced, highly qualified staff, including the assistant Head of Sixth Form, full-time Careers Adviser, Oxbridge Tutor, Alumni Officer and Sixth Form Tutors, all of whom work with our students to help them make the most of the innumerable opportunities within school and maximise their potential.

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