How easy is it to get into King Henry VIII School?

Whilst we are proud of our academic reputation, it is less well known that a majority of children who sit the entrance exam are offered a place. This suggests that the school is accessible to many Year 6 pupils. Parents need not be put off applying because they worry that the school will be too academic for their child. If your child is working at or above the expected national level in their current school, experience tells us that they could do well at our school.

Is there a pass mark for the exams?

No, there is no fixed pass mark. We look at each individual pupil’s scores as well as at their school reference. We know the sort of level that has been achieved in the past that will ensure that a pupil will thrive and be happy at our school. It is not in our interests, or the pupil’s interests, to be offered a place at the school if they are going to find the work too hard. As a general rule, however, if a child is scoring above half marks on the practice papers, that suggests s/he will be fine. Please see our Admissions section to access the Sample Papers.

Sometimes pupils are weaker in just one subject area. Where the exam results show this to be the case, we usually invite pupils in to school for an interview and we discuss the situation with parents.

What makes King Henry VIII School unique?

Where do we start? Is it the history of nearly 500 years of successful educational experience? Is it the great facilities and spacious grounds? Is it the chance to take part in a huge range of activities outside the classroom? Probably not. Schools are about people, not buildings. What we find that our pupils and parents describe as being special about our school is the happy, friendly, positive atmosphere which exists in school every day. It is a school where staff and pupils respect one another and where we are all ambitious to do our best and be happy. The diversity of pupils means that there are no cliques or elitism. Each pupil is treated as an individual and staff work very hard to support each pupil’s individual needs. We strongly recommend a visit to the school, perhaps at an Open House event, to experience this atmosphere which we believe makes our school unique.

How can my child get to the school?

There is no doubt that we are one of the most accessible schools in the Midlands. As your child grows older, you will soon realize that independence is a great asset. Our enviable location next to Coventry train station and at the heart of a vast bus and coach network means that your child can take part in a wide range of school activities without being dependent on a restrictive coach service or the parent taxi service. If you are worried about your child travelling unaccompanied, we can arrange for a ‘travel buddy’ to sit with them for the first few weeks of the school year to help them settle in. Please see our Transport pages for further information.

What scholarships and bursaries are available?

Scholarships and bursaries are very different ideas. Bursaries are means-tested (ie based only on parental income and expenditure). An individual can be awarded up to 90% fee reduction. Scholarships are based on academic ability in Mathematics, English, Art, Music and General Excellence. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of assessment at 11+. Bursaries and scholarships can be combined in value. Please see the Admissions section of the website for further details.

How many pupils come from local primary schools and how many from the Prep School?

In a typical year we take half our new Year 7 pupils from local primary schools and half from our Prep School. The pupils are all mixed together in new Forms, which allows an excellent opportunity to start new friendships and for new pupils to settle in. There is no setting for the first two years in order to give all pupils a fresh start and a chance to find their level of ability.

What is the difference between Bablake and King Henry VIII School?

This is the question we are asked more than any other! Both schools are excellent, co-educational day schools with a strong focus on academic results, pastoral care and extra-curricular opportunity. Both schools are part of the Coventry School Foundation and as such we celebrate one another’s successes and work closely together.

The short, honest answer is that the only way to find the difference is by visiting both schools and experiencing the atmosphere in both places.

How can I see what a normal day in school is like?

Parents (and pupils) are welcome to join any of our Open House events. One takes place each term. These are a chance to see school on a normal working day and to have a tour with a Year 9 guide. Lessons are taught as normal and you are welcome to join lessons as you tour the school. Recent visitors have told us how impressed they are with the calm confidence of our pupils and the positive working atmosphere which exists in school every day.

Can my son or daughter visit the school?

Yes! Your son/daughter is welcome to visit the school on a normal working day (at an Open House event) or for a busy, activity-packed tour (on an Open Morning). However, the best way to see the school is to come and sample a Year 6 Taster Day. These take place from October to December each year and allow your child to join a current Year 7 pupil for a full day’s lessons at school. They are very popular and are booked on a Taster Day application form, which is available as a link from this page.

Are the clubs and activities included in the school fees?

Yes! There is no charge for the vast majority of clubs and activities. For example your child could attend sports training, rock climbing, music rehearsals and academic subject ‘clinics’ at no extra cost. Individual music tuition and the Duke of Edinburgh Award are charged on top of the fees.

Can my child be pre-tested in Year 5?

We want to avoid pupils in Year 5 being put under too much exam pressure so we do not currently test in Year 5. Their performance can change considerably in the following twelve months. We believe it is best to test in Year 6 when pupils are ready to consider the step up to senior school.

Are there lots of costly extras such as uniform and sports kit?

We try very hard to keep the cost of our uniform low. The compulsory elements of our uniform should be bought from the school shop, Number 57 Schoolwear. Other parts of the uniform can be bought from our shop or any other retail outlet. The Parents’ Association also holds regular second hand uniform sales which are a great way of saving money when replacing school uniform.

Are there opportunities for extra trips that children have to go on?

There is a range of extra trips offered in order to allow pupils to learn more about specific locations, artefacts and events which cannot be covered in class. Most pupils do therefore attend these valuable educational trips. Most trips during the school year are not compulsory and as such pupils are not obliged to attend.

For the major trips, such as overseas expeditions for sport or outdoor education, pupils are given opportunities to raise money themselves to contribute. Payment is always staggered to make it as manageable as possible. Bursary holders can receive support for compulsory academic trips upon request.

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