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At King Henry VIII Preparatory School we pride ourselves on having high academic standards balanced with many opportunities for children to develop their talents in Arts and Sport.

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The following poem was written by one of our inspiring Year 6 pupils.


As I lay on the grass
Engulfed by the sun
Another child flees
Their mind racing, their head to a towering gun

As I scrutinize my plate and rapaciously devour
Another child shrieks in a perturbed cower

I look at my sky vacant of mistake
Yet next to me a world of malice awakes
The streets laden with terror and strife
Explosions fill the air
The screams, the cries, the smell of death
There is nobody to care

Why can't we all be together
Galvanised as one
Like the beautiful warmth that you feel
From the rays of a morning sun

Let us soothe all the pain
And put out every fire
With the embrace of peace
The world shall soar higher

Let our rivers calm the land
Our doves sing in peace
Let war be forgotten for ever
Drowned in our deepest seas. 

Raunak 6P


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