Careers, Higher Education and Oxbridge

The school has a strong record of Oxbridge success in recent years. The Oxbridge Coordinators support students at every stage of the application process, beginning with suggesting extra reading, personal statements, and interview practice.


We have a detailed and comprehensive guide to applying to Oxford or Cambridge, including information on the colleges, how to prepare your personal statement, how to prepare for interview and what Oxbridge tutors are looking for. We use the Archive Room on a regular basis for meetings with small groups of Oxbridge students and the Hall and Drama studio are used for the main events of the year.

What we do:

We encourage students to start thinking about a possible Oxbridge application as early as Year 10, by getting pupils to focus on expanding their knowledge beyond the GCSE and then the A-level syllabus. With Year 12, we begin to go into much more detail about the application and selection procedure, ensuring that students are well informed and realistic in their applications. When students begin Year 13, we work intensively with individuals on their UCAS application, above all their references, and focus on preparing for the interview by arranging extra practice (with tutors at Bablake School on a reciprocal basis), as well as intensive practice at school in conjunction with the Careers Department.


 Oxbridge Coordinators Dr S Barge & Mrs C Neale


We run a trip to either Oxford or Cambridge for Year 11 students who may consider applying to Oxford in the future, and also trips by minibus to the main Oxford and Cambridge Open Days in March for Year 12 students. We also hold an interview workshop in situ every November for Year 13, and host an Oxbridge Presentation Evening every other year for Year 12, either at King Henry's or at Bablake. External students are invited to the evening from local state schools.

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