Aims and Ethos

The school is a caring partnership of young people, their parents and staff. It aims to develop to the full the potential of its students, in order that they may lead rich and responsible lives both as individuals and as members of society.

The school seeks to achieve these aims by creating a safe, healthy environment and through:

  • the pursuit of excellence in all fields
  • a caring atmosphere where all are of equal worth
  • the enjoyment of study and discovery
  • respect for the opinions, beliefs and needs of others
  • the capacity to think independently
  • the ability to work alone and with others
  • the development of aesthetic awareness
  • a sense of justice and responsibility
  • concern for the world community and for the environment
  • an understanding of the need for a healthy lifestyle
  • the development of personal values
  • an awareness of the spiritual dimension of life
  • the professional development of all staff.

These aims permeate every aspect and policy of school life, both inside and outside of the classroom, for the benefit of all its students and staff.

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